Bad Monkey Open - Wrap Up

The 2010 Bad Monkey Open is in the books!
Special Congratulations to my teammate Joey Moro for taking down the title, and also to Cindy McMahon winning the Women's division...FLIGHT CREW!!!!...Steve and I sat down for a quick 10 minute debrief after dinner last night and we've decided that this year's BMO was the all-around best tournament that we've put on in terms of fun-factor and how smooth everything was. We're really jazzed and determined to continue to improve and help shape and define Amateur Disc Golf tournaments in the Portland Metro Area. To meet this goal, we have started FireFly Disc Golf Promotions. If you haven't joined the FireFly group here at dgscene yet, please do so (click the firefly logo on left, then "add to favorite"). That will keep you up-to-date on what we're doing with news feeds and such. Next on the schedule is the Next Adventure Amateur Championship. We'll have more details really soon, so keep an eye out, you won't want to miss that one!!!

Thanks to all the Volunteers this the weekend! Brian Elliott for being there the ENTIRE time helping with scoring and whatever else we needed. Chadwick and Cindy for their help with player registration and other odds and ends as needed. David Zimmerman for taking on the Stumptown BagTag duties. The Next Adventure Flight Crew for running the Ring-O-Fire. And finally, Chris Brow, for your endless support of my crazy DG endeavors! I'm certain that I'm forgetting some volunteers and I'm apologize...I'm tired. :)

Finally, HUGE thanks to Bad Monkey Bikes!!!!! You guys rock and we can't wait for the 2011 BMO! Viva el BMO!!

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